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Family Involvement

Admissions Screening
Individualized Treatment Planning & Treatment
Support & Stabilization
Parents’ Advisory Group

The youth’s family is initially contacted and welcomed to be present for their child’s pre-placement meeting. Depending on availability and family presence, this meeting will take place in the family home, or child’s current placement, at Deaconess, or a neutral community location of the family’s choosing.

  • The family is invited to tour the program with their child and the referring agency.
  • Once a placement date is set, a clinician contacts the family and meets with them to introduce themselves, hear the family and youth’s preferences, and begin to understand the family’s viewpoint, life experiences, concerns, and hopes. This meeting is held at a time and place, which reflects the family’s needs and respects their preferences.
  • An assessment of needs occurs at this meeting to begin developing goals, objectives, and interventions for youth and family which include addressing barriers to treatment such as transportation as well as familial needs that will assist in making all areas of treatment successful.
  • Families are supported and encouraged to actively participate in their child’s treatment. At the Deaconess Home, we patiently and consistently work with families to find ways that are comfortable for them to be an integral part of planning and treatment. Whenever possible, Meetings are scheduled to accommodate family’s schedules. Meetings to address treatment needs may be scheduled at any time, to bring the team together, to address issues, concerns or to discuss overall planning and progress. Below, please find a list of treatment meetings that are common for all of our families.

  • Initial Treatment Plan
  • Progress Review (every 3 months)
  • Case Conference
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Foster Care Review
  • IEP (Individualized Education Program)
  • Safety Planning
  • Discharge Planning
  • Coupled with our therapeutic routines, visits play a critical role in the youth’s transition home. Generally, visits begin in-house and are supervised by a member of our clinical team. Ideally, visits will evolve over time and with careful reflection of family engagement and process, ultimately result in home placement. Below is the typical timeline for Family Visits at the Deaconess Home.

    On Grounds → Community → Overnights → Home Placement

    Discharge planning is part of the treatment process that can be most critical. The family is ready to move towards the next step in treatment and long-term stabilization. After success and growth in the treatment process, the youth’s discharge is planned together with the entire team. A thorough educational and therapeutic plan is thoughtfully created and supports for post-placement are identified.

    Referrals come from an array of different agencies for this community-based program, however, in many cases when one of our residents are discharging home, they will be enrolled in this program as an adjunct to out-of-home placement, thus making transition home as seamless as possible.

    In order to maintain parental involvement on matters that pertain to the education, health, and safety of the residents in the Program, the Fall River Deaconess Home will hold a Parents’ Advisory Meeting bi-annually, at the beginning and end of each school year. Parents and familial supports are invited to attend a meeting that includes both an agenda with pertinent information as well as an open forum for discussions and feedback. At the conclusion of each meeting, parents will be asked to inform Deaconess of any topics of interest or concern for future meetings. The Director of Professional Services and the Educational Coordinator will serve as co-facilitators, and will later present topics and concerns discussed by the Parents’ Advisory Group during the weekly Managers’ meeting.