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(508) 674-4847

Prescription Strength Phentermine Online - Buy Phentermine Online Legally

Prescription Strength Phentermine Online - Buy Phentermine Online Legally

The Fall River Deaconess Home provides healthcare & wellness services that will enhance the well-being of each young woman. Services are designed to ensure specific health care needs are met for each individual. Wellness services provide nutritional education that includes learning to cook and prepare meals, with an emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices such as physical fitness and exercise. Our comprehensive services build self-esteem, self-confidence and promote physical and nutritional health for our residents. The Fall River Deaconess Home provides mentoring and advocacy for both youth and families.

Individualized Health and Wellness Services include:

  • Physicals upon Admission, and yearly immunizations
  • Accompany youth to medical and dental appointments
  • Teaching Transitional Aged Youth how to set up and attend medical appointments independently
  • Family consultations regarding youth’s health status and services
  • Family planning and sexual health education
  • Individualized health care plans that address hygiene and daily living skills
  • Psychiatric Consultation which addresses managing, reducing and wherever possible, eliminating medication
  • Nutritional educational
  • Healthy meals and exercise programs
  • Provider coordination and transitional planning for youth returning home

Health Care Services Provided by:

  • Board Certified Pediatrician – who acts as Medical Director
  • Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurses
  • MAP (Medication Administration Program) Certified Staff
  • Additional services are provided by medical, dental and ancillary service providers as part of providing mentoring and advocacy for youth and families

Group Home Programs follow the Department of Public Health Medication Administration Program (MAP)

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May 18, 2018, 2:00 PM-All Are Welcome!

Mindfulness and Yoga
Family Planning
My Body My Self
Physical Recreation

The purpose of this group is to teach mindfulness meditation through yoga practice. Mindfulness has become a widely respected modality for treating a variety of mental health conditions including trauma-related disorders. It has been determined that breathing patterns are associated with sensory regulation and improved affect management. Residents will participate in different meditations each week followed by a Vinyasa-style yoga practice that includes connecting breath to physical movement and poses. A five-minute relaxation will conclude each session. As participants of this group, residents will have the opportunity to alleviate symptoms of mental distress, promote relaxation through breath patterns; contribute to vitality, mood, and alertness well as increase physical strength and flexibility.

The purpose of this group is to teach participants to develop sensible, safe, lifelong habits and to take responsibility for their own health. Our program stresses not having sex and not abusing injectable drugs as the only sure way to prevent diseases and pregnancy. Lessons in this group teach how refusal, assertiveness and other communication skills help avoid engaging in risky behaviors. Unfortunately, adolescents sometimes involve themselves in risky behaviors; therefore, our human sexuality education also encompasses disease and pregnancy prevention, HIV educators and teen mom presenters. An educator for Family Planning of Fall River helps to coordinate and teach each lesson; the curricula and content are geared to meet the individual needs and maturation level of each participant.

The purpose of this group is to help participants develop an understanding of the physical and emotional changes teen and pre-teen girls experience when entering puberty. Participants are encouraged to explore their thoughts and feelings that are occurring or have occurred during their pubescence. The group will participate in discussions, games, and activities from a psych-educational workbook that they may keep for future reference. Girls enrolled in this group are encouraged to ask questions and participate at a level that is comfortable for their individual needs.


This program enables students to access the local community, practice healthy social interactions, and develop within themselves a sense of leadership and responsibility as they learn to work with others to achieve a common goal. Each summer, the students in our school program compete in a softball league that includes teams from other local programs. Prior to the beginning of the season, the girls learn the rules of the game and participate in practice to develop fundamental skills. Once summer arrives, they dress in their uniforms and begin to compete in weekly games. Additionally, league play helps to strengthen perseverance, develops teamwork skills, teaches discipline, and promotes healthy competition. Not only do the girls build confidence through their successful participation in softball, but they also have the opportunity to explore and develop lifelong skills.

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