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Family Focused Care
The Deaconess Home understands the importance of family involvement for the success of each young woman. Family involvement begins prior to the girl being admitted to the program, throughout placement, and after discharge. Family contact and involvement is crucial for each girl and their progress. Deaconess works with the families and young woman to help strengthen relationships and develop hope in each girl. Some of the girls may have different goals other than family reunification. The Deaconess Home continues to work on family relationships as a resource for the young woman as they work toward caring for themselves in the future. Families are a crucial part in everyone’s life and developing a healthy relationship, even if they are not going to live together.

Family Therapy and Counseling
The Deaconess Home provides family therapy and counseling services. Therapy and counseling may be conducted at the program or in the family’s home. Each case manager works closely with the families and the girls to determine which environment is the most conducive for these services. Family work often begins by discussing the girl’s placement and how families are dealing with having their child outside of the home. This is also an opportunity to discuss each girl’s history and the family dynamics. Family work also focuses on building the relationship toward reunification or continued family involvement as the girl prepares for independent living.


Family Involvement
Families are invited to attend and participate in the treatment plan meeting, progress reviews, and other special events at the program. Families are also welcome to be involved and attend medical appointments with their child. The Deaconess Home also provides assistance with transportation for families. There is always a supervisor on grounds and a director on call if a parent needed to address issues regarding their child.

Visits between each girl and their families begin on grounds at the program. The visits are then transitioned to the community and then home. The girl’s case manager works with each family to help in this transition. Whether it is offering advice about activities to enjoy together or how to deal with issues at home, each family receives the support of the program. Some of the girls entering the program may not have any relationship or visitation with family members. The program helps to identify family and other individuals who have played a crucial part in a girl’s life and works to establish visitation.
The program has located family members through phone contact, mail, and the internet.

The program also has utilized the Big Brother and Big Sisters organization, as well as other community organizations to establish visiting resources for the girls. The hope is to establish healthy relationships with appropriate adults for girls who may otherwise not have anyone to visit and spend time with outside of the program.

Parent Advisory Board
Each family is invited to participate in the parent advisory