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Clinical Services
The Deaconess Home provides an array of services to each young woman and her family. The needs of each young woman and her family are identified early on in placement and a treatment plan is designed to meet these needs. The young women and their families are involved in the treatment planning process. The program utilizes its internal resources but also focuses on community resources that will be helpful in working with the young women and their families.

Individual Counseling: The Deaconess Home provides individual counseling for the young woman at the program and also utilizes community based services. Counseling maybe conducted at the program, within the homes, schools or in an environment that is conducive to the girls needs. Some of the young women entering the group home program are already involved in counseling services within the community. The program provides transportation to allow the girls to continue in therapy with the counselor that they have already established a relationship with.

Family Focused Treatment: The Deaconess Home emphasizes the importance of involving the family in the treatment of every young woman. The program meets with families at the program or within their homes to provide and incorporate families with services. Family work is not always conducted in these traditional environments because the program encourages families to do what is best for them. Family work can happen over a cup of coffee or on a picnic bench. The program believes in bringing its services to the families and working in an environment that is conducive to everyone.

Weekly House Meeting: Each component of the program conducts a weekly meeting for the young women who reside in that program. The meeting is designed to allow the girls to express their feelings and opinions to staff and their peers. They have the opportunity to offer suggestions for improvement to others and to openly discuss their views. The girls utilize this meeting to request for items they may need or want to purchase, discuss house issues, and activities. The girls residing in the independent living component and the family reunification group home utilize this meeting to share with their peers any issues or concerns dealing with the program and their experiences within the community. This allows them to offer suggestions to each other regarding issues that arise within the community and outside the supervision of the program. The meetings empower the young women to express themselves and to give input pertaining to their lives.

Specialized Treatment
The Deaconess Home works with adolescent females and has developed a number of specialized treatment groups to address the specific issues that young women are faced with.

Substance Abuse
The group members are provided the opportunity to explore their personal issues with substance use, as well as receive extensive education regarding substances, their long and short-term effects, and the possible impacts on their interpersonal relationships.

Abuse Group
During this group, all types of abuse are discussed and processed regardless of each particular participant’s individual issues. The girls participate in open discussions involving time lines, social atoms, and musical interpretation. They also complete exercises involving validation, fact sheets, and primary and secondary survivor activities.

Sexual Aggressive Youth
The group focuses on teaching the adolescents appropriate boundaries and drills to recognize feelings that could result in inappropriate sexual relationships with others
. The treatment focuses on the use of the abuse cycle, the assault cycle, and how to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships. The group also allows the participants to participate in open discussions with other group members about their own sexual offenses, sexuality, relationships, and current issues regarding personal space within the program, while in the community, on visits, and at public school.

Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution group provides practical and realistic skills to enable the young women to approach conflictual or potentially conflictual situations more effectively. The group participates in role plays, group discussions, and completes individual worksheets designed to provide and promote healthy problem-solving skills. The group also focuses on the dynamics of problem solving, negative cycles that people get into, and the basic dynamics of communication.

Social Skills
This group is psycho-educational in nature and focuses on addressing the group’s overall difficulties in the area of social skills. Preliminary tools were utilized to assess their knowledge base, and issues are addressed accordingly. The group members participate in group discussions, role plays, and complete activities and writing assignments. Some of the topics that are addressed include appropriate physical contact in any and all settings, greetings, etiquette as a guest, courtesies, business vs. personal relationships, passive–aggressive behavior, general guidelines to eating out, social engagements, job interviews, and peer pressure.